About us

My passion for art and antiques started already as a teenager back in my hometown of Östersund, Sweden. I worked for some years with car dealing but took every spare moment I had to study art and art history, learning about the great masters and fascinating mysteries of painting. After my first visit to the The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in 2016, I knew that I wanted to work with art full time. Since then, I have never looked back and have had the privilege to work exclusively with primarily old masters and pre-modern artists.
In my hometown of Östersund I was part of the campaign to establish a filial to the National Museum in Stockholm which opened in 2018 with works by Rembrandt, Cranach, Van Dyck and many other iconic names.

In 2016, I started the Instagram account Classicartworks to share my interest in the history of art. It has since developed into a meeting place for hundreds of thousands of arts enthusiasts from around the world, from museum professionals and art historians to the general public. After relocating to Stockholm, I also worked as a sales manager at Åmells, the premier dealer of fine art in Sweden, before deciding to start my own business. 

The idea behind Classicartworks is to offer some of the highest quality works on the market to a broader audience and create an experience where we can offer the best possible service to our clients. Sometimes the art world can seem distant and unavailable – but the power of art is something everyone can enjoy, and we want to help spread this message. Regardless if you are an experienced collector or a curious beginner, Classicartworks is here to help you find artworks that are right for you and part of the fascinating history of art. 

Pontus Wallberg, director and founder of Classicartworks