About us

ClassicArtworks was founded in 2020 by Pontus Wallberg, who previously served as the sales manager at Åmells in Stockholm.
In 2016, Pontus started the Instagram account ClassicArtworks, which has since become a vibrant hub for hundreds of thousands of art enthusiasts worldwide, ranging from museum professionals and art historians to the general public.

In 2020, Pontus made the bold decision to establish his own art dealership using Instagram as a sales platform, along with this website. With a primary focus on Old Master paintings and 19th-20th century Scandinavian landscapes, ClassicArtworks quickly gained momentum and has now become an established art dealership in Stockholm, with sales reaching various parts of the globe.

Pontus strongly believes in the importance of transparency, and the gallery always provides detailed descriptions and high-quality photographs, showcases pricing and the provenance of the artworks. This commitment ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the quality and authenticity of the pieces they are considering.

In December 2022, ClassicArtworks further expanded its presence by opening a newly renovated gallery in the heart of Stockholm - Gamla stan. Through his expertise, Pontus has successfully made several rediscoveries of prominent artists, including Adriaen van Stalbemt, Pieter Gysels, Andreas Schelfhout, and Julius Kronberg, showcasing his expertise in uncovering sleepers.

ClassicArtworks has proudly exhibited at leading art fairs in Stockholm, including the Stockholm Antique and Art fair, as well as the Grand Antiques, Art & Design fair. These prestigious fairs have allowed the gallery to connect with a wider audience, attracting art lovers and collectors alike.
At ClassicArtworks, visitors can expect a meticulously curated collection of exceptional artworks, blending the beauty of Old Master paintings with the captivating allure of Scandinavian landscapes.



Pontus Wallberg, founder of ClassicArtworks