J.A.G. (Johan Axel Gustaf) ACKE - Näspetus

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from Zacharias Topelius book series "
Reading for Children"
Ink on paper
picture 9 x 9 cm
frame 16 x 14 cm

From the collection of Claes Moser 

Here is a delicate ink drawing by the Swedish artist, J.A.G. Acke. Evoking a world of wonder straight from Zacharias Topelius' beloved book series "Reading for Children", this artwork captures a young boy, possibly in the throes of a captivating tale, surrounded by smiling, ethereal beings. Set against a dark backdrop, these luminous figures seem to emerge, offering a stark contrast and highlighting their mysterious presence. This piece is a testament to Acke's profound ability to blend narrative and artistry, making it a cherished collectible for any art enthusiast.

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J.A.G. (Johan Axel Gustaf) ACKE - Näspetus
J.A.G. (Johan Axel Gustaf) ACKE - Näspetus
J.A.G. (Johan Axel Gustaf) ACKE - Näspetus
J.A.G. (Johan Axel Gustaf) ACKE - Näspetus